Thank You, Mr. Hogan, for Your Years of Dedicated Service

July 17, 2018

Pat_Hogan.jpgWhen those who know him best here at D.A. Collins were asked to describe Mr. Pat Hogan, one word was used time and time again: hardworking. A member of Kubricky Construction Corporation for 30 plus years, Pat Hogan has pretty much seen and done it all. From pipe work to bridges, Pat has dedicated his time, effort, and skills to the company; and as a laborer, foreman or superintendent, he has played important roles on major jobs such as Crescent Bridge down on Route 9 and Lock E-3.

So, where did it all start? Well, like many in the company, Pat began as a laborer, working on a job for Excelsior Avenue in Saratoga. Working through the seasons, Pat developed a love for pipe work amongst many other aspects of construction, but after about a year and a half of working for the company, he decided to leave Kubricky to pursue other goals.

It wasn’t until 1983, when John Kubricky reached out to him at the dairy farm he was working on, Pat decided to return to KCC. Upon his return, Pat became a valuable asset to the team. As Bob Hughes shared, “Pat is a jack of all trades, he’s able to do it all.” Working on a variation of jobs, Pat graduated over time, from laborer, to foreman, to superintendent. This growth in status came from his willingness to “do whatever was needed” and go anywhere the company “saw fit,” in his words. Building on his willingness to go anywhere or do anything, Todd Cochran also noted Pat’s dedication to seeing a job through. Time and time again, Pat went the extra mile; Bob Hughes recalls one of the first jobs they worked together, Lock E-3, “Pat would be working at all hours making sure equipment was in repair, materials were staged, and keeping things laid out for the various crews.” He was meticulous, reviewing the work his crew had done, making sure that it met company standards.

While his perseverance is commendable and ability to fix just about anything has given him the nickname “MacGyver of KCC,” there is another aspect to Pat that makes him unique. As Jamie Flynn shared, Pat is “an honest man who cares about everybody.” No matter his status on a job, he is always willing to help anyone who needs it. Pat believes in the values of the D.A. Collins Family of Companies and has a great deal of respect for safety precautions the company has taken for its employees. In his words, “when my son was working here, I said I felt good about this company over other companies because they take a lot of consideration into the safety of people, which is a great thing.” These admirable qualities are just some of the many that make Pat Hogan a highly respected member of the KCC team.

With years of experience under his belt, Pat has gained an appreciation for the construction industry. When asked about his life experiences and what he’s learned during his time with Kubricky, Pat shared, “Construction is an education. You’re learning stuff out in the field, and I’m going to be honest with you, these spec books that get written, they’re about stuff that happens out in the field, some people are actually living that experience right then and there instead of learning it through a book. I like to be outdoors, and I could have done a number of things but I like being by equipment, and I think that I just fell into something that I like to do easily. Education is sometimes overrated, for people that want to be hands-on.” New or old to the construction industry, any worker can benefit from hearing these words.

Whether the goal is to remain a laborer or grow in the company, as Hogan has, construction is an education. Each and everyday provides a new opportunity to learn something new and even after 30 plus years, Pat notes; “I got to jump around the state, and I got shifted around from pipe, to bridges, to different things. For me, it was helpful. Some people like being classified as a Carpenter, or a ‘Bridge Guy,’ but me; I just like to do different things and expand my horizons a little bit and there is that capability here” at D.A. Collins Companies.

Willing and positive employees, like Pat Hogan, are what help make this company great. Bob Hughes said it best, “It’s always a pleasure to have Pat working with you because you know he will be there when needed, keep things rolling, and get it done right. Pat’s had a significant impact managing and executing untold amounts of work as well as training many newcomers on Safety, Quality, and Productivity. Pat represents our company goals well.”

Thank you, Mr. Hogan, for your years of dedicated service.