One Company's Efforts to Set up an Asphalt Plant

June 27, 2018



The 300-ton/hour Gencor drum plant located in Plattsburgh, New York is the 2nd asphalt plant for the Jointa Lime Company, and 5th overall for the D.A. Collins Companies, headquartered in Wilton, NY. Jointa Lime Company, with roots dating back to the 1850’s, is one of three members that make up the Materials Division for the D.A. Collins Family of Companies. A full-service construction group armed with three other heavy highway, civil, and environmental contractors, D.A. Collins Construction Co., Inc., D.A. Collins Environmental Services, LLC., and Kubricky Construction Corp. together offer a full breadth of construction services to the entire East Coast.

The Materials Division, comprised of Jointa Lime Company, Pallette Stone Corp., and Jointa Galusha, LLC., are producers and suppliers of asphalt, concrete, precast, and various construction aggregates extracted from their numerous facilities throughout New York State. While Pallette Stone and Jointa Galusha serve primarily north of the New York State Capital Region; Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties, Jointa Lime has locations in Orange County and Clinton County.


The 5-acre Trade Road parcel, located off New York State Interstate 87, is centrally located and easily accessible. Upon purchase of the land in early 2015, approval with the Town of Plattsburgh began immediately. The original site plan was approved in 2015, and the plant opened for business in the fall of 2017 after deciding late in 2016 to move forward with the project.

In a time when multinational building materials conglomerates continue to consolidate the market, Plattsburgh and its surround- ing communities were considered by Jointa Lime Company to be underserved.

As a whole, the third generation family-owned-and-operated D.A. Collins Companies consider the North Country a second home, as many employees and their families are native to the area. Jointa Lime Company wanted to not only serve a market which would benefit from their materials, but support a community that has tremendous value to their own employees.


It is amazing how far asphalt plant technology has come, and how many different choices are available: batch, drum, or combo, vertical or horizontal AC tanks, portable, skidded, or permanent. For the Jointa Lime Company, based on a series of market studies and data collection from their four other asphalt plants, the decision was the state-of-the-art, environmentally clean Gencor Ultraplant.

Following the purchase of the parcel, the permitting process began early in 2015, and in August of the same year, the Town Planning Board issued the negative declaration of environmental significance, which gave the green light to proceed. During the process, Jointa Lime Company was met with overwhelming support. The president of the Clinton County Highway Supervisor’s Association presented the planning board with a letter signed by 18 county highway superintendents endorsing the building of the plant, expressing community support before the plant had even been completed.Plattsburch_plant_during_construction.jpg

Plant during construction

One of Jointa Lime’s defining pillars as a family-owned company is to work with and support the communities in which they operate – to be good neighbors. The site is paved and strategically landscaped to not only make it look aesthetically pleasing, but also to minimize dust and noise.

The factor that sets this plant apart is its design features focusing on customer service. Capable of producing over 300 tons/hour, with a storage capacity of 600 tons between (3) 200-ton silos, Jointa Lime’s Plattsburgh plant can accommodate multiple mixes at once. The bank of (3) silos are positioned over (2) 120-ft truck scales allowing for rapid loading, which creates efficiency and adds value by ensuring the asphalt gets to the customer’s job faster.

The collaboration amongst the D.A. Collins Companies in the building of this plant is notable, as the need to subcontract minimal portions of the process made for a fast transition from shop drawing to reality. Kubricky Construction Corp., D.A. Collins Construction Co., Inc., Pallette Stone Corp., and Jointa Lime Co. employees were all an integral part of the various processes including layout, concrete foundations, crane and ironwork, utilities, etc. Plumbing, pipe insulation, and electrical work were subcontracted locally.

The Ultraplant was constructed in a way that allows for safe and easy access for employees. All components sit on top of concrete, and are elevated so that maintenance and housekeeping are easily achieved without back-breaking labor. The control room is perched on 8-ft. poured concrete walls, giving the operator clear vision of the yard, scales and loadout, complimented by a series of high definition cameras.


One of Jointa Lime’s defining pillars as a family-owned company is to work with and support the communities in which they operate – to be good neighbors. The site is paved and strategically landscaped to not only make it look aesthetically pleasing, but also to minimize dust and noise. More than 50 trees and bushes were planted on the property perimeter, and some of the large pieces of rock encountered during excavation were incorporated into the landscaping. Included in the plant’s equipment fleet is a street sweeper and 2,000-gallon water truck to help ensure that the entrance and exit, as well as Trade Road, are kept tidy. Jointa Lime hired local employees to run the plant, and purchased from local vendors as much as possible throughout all processes involved in construction.



  • 300 ton/hour production
  • (3) 200 ton storage silos
  • (2) 30,000 gal. liquid ACverticaltanks
  • (2) 120’ truck scales
  • Ultralogics automation
  • Truck rack sets (2)
  • Horseshoe  entry-exit  pattern
  • (1) 2,000 gal. water truck
  • (1) street sweeper


In October 2017, Jointa Lime Company held a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony, giving local dignitaries and business owners the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art facility, with plans for more tours to be offered in spring 2018. During the speeches, it was announced to the community that, “this plant is now just as much yours as it’s ours.”

In December 2017, Jointa Lime Company was awarded the 2018 Clinton County Asphalt Contract, and they are looking forward with great anticipation and enthusiasm to working with their customers in enhancing the North Country infrastructure.

This article was originally published in Material Matters. All photos are courtesy of Material Matters, Inc.