The D.A. Collins Family of Companies strengthened when Kubricky Construction joined forces with our full-service construction team in 1983. Adding Kubricky Construction’s skill and expertise enabled the D.A. Collins Companies to become a leader in today’s industry.

Kubricky Construction's experience and reliability is frequently sought after for construction of roads, bridges, highways, airports, parking lots and city streets.

Kubricky provides a variety of construction, pavement, site development, and utility services throughout the Northeast:

  • Bridge Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Bridge Repairs, Modification and Demolition
  • Highway Construction
  • Design Build Projects
  • Hydroelectric Construction and Dam Rehabilitation
  • Lock Rehabilitation and Construction
  • Milling/Cold Planing
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Commercial Site Development
  • Subdivision Infrastructure
  • Underground Utilities
  • Excavating and Earth Moving
  • Marine Ports/Deck Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Concrete Construction
  • Airport Construction
  • Railroad Construction
  • Rumble Strips (Miards, Stars)
  • Camera/Video Inspection Vehicle

Kubricky Construction